Individual Tax Planning

Our year-round evaluation system includes thorough tax plan that determinse tax-saving measures.

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Individual Tax Planning


Helping you attain your optimal tax position is one of our top priorities. We proactively look for opportunities to achieve this goal. At PBMares, we utilize a year-round evaluation system that includes conducting a thorough tax plan with you to determine tax-saving measures. Federal and state tax planning and projections are a daily part of our practice, and we help you meet all federal and state tax filing requirements on a timely basis.

A vital part of our practice includes keeping abreast of current or pending legislation and judicial developments so that we can provide you with knowledgeable, timely advice. We explain changes in the tax laws to you, including the intricacies of any new legislation and the resulting adjustments that should be made to your tax plan.

In addition to taking care of your individual tax planning, we will coordinate your business tax plan with your personal tax objectives and help establish a program for you, your family and your employees that includes compensation, fringe benefits, retirement plans and gift giving.