President Trump’s Proposed Budget Could Impact Your Nonprofit

On Tuesday May 23, President Trump released his budget request for 2018 entitled “A New Foundation for American Greatness.”  His stated initiative with this budget request [...]

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Six Strategies for Your Tax Playbook

I’m looking forward to tax day. No, I’m not in a time warp.  I do know that April 15th is behind us, and most people [...]

TDR Accounting: How to Get It Right

Seeing a significant uptick in the number of loan modifications over the past few years, regulators and external auditors alike have been putting increased pressure on credit unions to become compliant with troubled debt restructuring rules.

Do You Know Your Fiduciary Duties as a Nonprofit Board Member?

Now is a good time to review the roles and responsibilities of your nonprofit board. Interest in the governance practices of nonprofit organizations has grown [...]

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