Look-Back Interest on Long-Term Construction Contracts

If you are a construction contractor reporting long-term contracts on the percentage of completion method (§460(b)(1)) you may be required to calculate look-back interest (§460(b)(2)) [...]

When Do I Need a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement?

Your medical practice has responsibility for protecting the privacy of health information under the HIPAA Privacy Rule while carrying out health care activities. In order [...]

Navigating Labor Floor Checks and Labor Interviews

The costs of labor, especially in service-oriented companies is the most sensitive area of incurred cost that the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is required [...]

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Identifying Unallowable Costs – Executive Compensation

A large number of small companies and even some considered large have historically not concerned themselves with the allowability of their executive’s compensation. With annual allowability [...]

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Virginia Enterprise Zones: Are You in the Zone?

Were you aware that the Commonwealth of Virginia appropriates grant funding for companies that invest in certain areas in the state?  The Commonwealth of Virginia wants to encourage rejuvenation of certain towns and cities and is willing to award funding for the rehabilitation, expansion or new  construction of real estate and/or creation of higher wage jobs.

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10 Signs It May Be Time to Shop for a New Auditor

Thinking about hiring a new auditor can be overwhelming. Many times over the years I have heard auditees say, “I don’t want to get used [...]

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