Tips for Truthful Cost or Pricing Data Act Compliance

For government contractors, compliance with the Truthful Cost or Pricing Data Act (TINA) is a critical part of staying on the right side of federal contracting and acquisition requirements. But what is the law, and what does it do? Here’s a brief primer.

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Top 5 Issues Lenders Have With Nonprofit Financials

I continue to see and hear about issues that our clients and others in the nonprofit industry are having with their lenders with respect to financial statements. It is becoming more evident that many lenders do not understand nonprofit financial statements due to their unique financial reporting requirements. Below are the top 5 issues that nonprofits have with their lenders.

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Eliminating the Concept of Extraordinary Items

Determining whether an event or an item was an extraordinary item has been a confusing and often burdensome determination for accountants and entities alike.  Over [...]

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