Company Retirement Plans Made Easier

Company retirement plans receive special tax treatment, so the IRS has restrictions on when money can be withdrawn from a 401k account in order to prevent people from using it as a regular bank account. Here are four optional ways to withdraw money from a retirement plan if the provisions are included in the plan document.

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Four Ways Government Contractors Can Improve Their Accounting Systems

As government contractors grow to gain new clients and hire more staff to perform the obligations, the accounting system must grow too. Small and emerging government contractors can properly account for costs incurred on government cost-type contracts without overcomplicating the process.

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Contract Delays Can Rob Profits

Each time the government changes or delays an existing contract, the contractor can submit a Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA) to receive compensation for costs incurred due to the change. Sometimes contract completion is delayed simply because of planned contract performance as the result of the government’s improper actions or lack thereof prior to, and even during contract performance.

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Capturing Market Returns in Actively Managed Investments

A growing number of investors are using passive funds in lieu of actively managed investments. The shift to passive is being influenced by an overwhelming amount of historical data that shows active managers are not beating their benchmarks. This recurring underperformance in actively managed funds is due in part to excessive fees and higher than necessary taxes incurred by trading within the funds.

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Attract New Members with Fitness Facilities

Today’s successful club offers more than just a club; it offers a lifestyle. Clubs have evolved from the traditional model in an effort to attract the new generation of members. Along with more family oriented environments and relaxed dress codes, one of the ways clubs have tried to deliver that desired lifestyle and attract those members is to add or expand on their wellness/fitness facilities.

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