Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Proposal Contains Items Affecting Exempt Organizations

The Biden administration's budget proposal includes items affecting donor advised funds and private foundations.

The Developing Role of AI and Emerging Tech for Private Clubs

AI and other emerging tech are now driving efficiency for private clubs in countless operational areas and elevating many facets of the overall member experience. Learn more about what is available and the benefits.

2024-02-26T12:11:36-05:00February 27, 2024|Categories: Hospitality, Private Clubs|Tags: |

5 Funding Options for Club Construction Projects

Many private clubs experienced membership growth as a result of the pandemic. To maintain this level of club engagement for current and prospective members, clubs are recognizing the need to upgrade their facilities and create new amenities. Learn more about the pros and cons of various funding options and explore additional considerations for club managers to consider.

2023-12-02T13:47:46-05:00November 28, 2023|Categories: Hospitality, Private Clubs|Tags: |

Whitepaper | Private Clubs: 10 Questions for Successful Club Management

Private clubs stay profitable by running an efficient operation and staying on top of complex accounting responsibilities. Here are 10 tips to unlock your organization's potential.

2023-11-01T14:22:30-04:00October 27, 2023|Categories: Hospitality, Private Clubs, Whitepaper|Tags: |

Updated UBTI Expense Allocation Method for Social Clubs and Tax-Exempt Organizations

Final IRS regulations will require most social clubs and tax-exempt organizations to rework their unrelated business taxable income worksheets to avoid using an outdated expense allocation method.

2023-12-07T14:47:54-05:00June 27, 2023|Categories: Hospitality, Private Clubs|Tags: |

Sales Tax Considerations for Exempt Organizations

The application of sales and use tax to the activity of exempt organizations is complex and nuanced. State tax and exempt organizations specialists explain what you need to know.

2023-04-26T17:30:48-04:00April 18, 2023|Categories: Not-for-Profit, Private Clubs, Tax: Exempt Organizations|Tags: |

Not-for-Profit Investment Policy Statements: Benchmarking Best Practices

Investment Policy Statements dictate how a nonprofit’s investment program operates. How is performance measured? Learning how to benchmark and measure success and organize the investment committee helps to ensure investment committee members satisfy their fiduciary duties.

2022-05-02T14:57:52-04:00May 2, 2022|Categories: Not-for-Profit, Private Clubs, Wealth Management|Tags: , |
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