Considerations when revising nonprofit bylaws       

Bylaws are the rules and principles that govern your not-for-profit organization so being familiar with what they contain, and what they don’t, is key to the success of your governing board. It’s also important to revise your bylaws from time to time.

Your bylaws may cover topics such as:

  • Broad charitable purpose of your organization,
  • Size and function of your board,
  • Election, terms and duties of directors and officers, and
  • Basic rules for voting, holding meetings, electing directors and appointing officers.

You should also be sure you provide procedures for resolving internal disputes, including the removal and replacement of a board member.

It’s wise to consider creating a committee made up of a cross-section of your membership to review and revise your bylaws. This committee will be responsible for making recommendations to your board for full vote.

Remember, if your nonprofit is incorporated, it’s important your bylaws conform to your articles on incorporation. Additionally, do not let your bylaws stray away from yo0ur original mission. Doing so could jeopardize your federal tax-exempt status.

Although bylaws aren’t required to be public, considering making up-to-date bylaws public available to boost your organization’s accountability and transparency. Contact our team for more information.