Everyone knows that the bottom line rules the day.  It has become hard to balance member expectations against the realities of payroll and other costs associated with maintaining a club so providing opportunities for members to spend more money inside the club is more important than ever. Merchandise bearing your club’s logo is one way to do this has and it has an extra benefit of free advertising.

The popular male and female polo shirts are wonderful items to brand with your club’s logo. Another great idea that I have seen lately are insulated water bottles. In particular, Tervis tumblers can be a reasonably priced addition to the pro shop. They are customizable and easy for a person to grab and take to the office or gym. If plastic isn’t your thing, there are also glass options with customizable sleeves. Having a water bottle refill station can help push the sale of these items.  Attractive name brand tote bags are also a great idea. Simply have a promotional company put your club’s emblem on the opposite site of the brand logo and you’ll have an item that is both useful and fashionable.

Location. Location. Location. Your pro shop is a perfect location to display your branded swag. More people browsing in the pro shop invites other members in which should translate into an increase in sales. The effect is the same in the dining room and bar areas, too. People do not like to eat or drink in a restaurant that is empty. No one wants to be the only one at the party! Also, while someone may not be shopping for new golf clubs, by entering the pro shop to purchase a shirt or mug, it opens the door for your staff to have conversations about higher ticket items or other amenities of the club they may not be aware of.

Sometimes a polo shirt is more than a polo shirt. Thoughtfully selected and designed branded merchandise can serve many purposes. The most important purpose is to increase overall activity inside the club. An increase in activity causes the club itself to become more inviting and attractive which creates further interest in the club. This interest helps increase overall membership and, yes, your bottom line.