As a not-for-profit board member, have you been asked to review the Form 990 before it is filed with the IRS? This may feel overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the information required. The core Form 990 is twelve pages and additional schedules are almost always necessary.

PBMares can help alleviate your concerns and increase your understanding in the webinar – A Board Member’s Guide to Understanding Form 990. Let us show you key items to look for while we explain the implications of filing an incomplete return.

This webinar is designed for not-for-profit board members.

Topics Covered:
  • How certain pages relate to other forms or schedules
  • Which questions are hot spots for the IRS
  • Why specific questions are asked on the form
  • What information must be included on the form in order to have a complete and accurate return
Watch the Webinar:

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Format: Recording
Presenter(s): Jennifer French, CPA, Partner