Plan Trustee & Union Official Fiduciary Responsibilities

Understanding the Similarities and Differences of Your Trustee and Official “Hat”

Presented by PBMares, LLP and Terrasa & Stair, P.A., this recorded webcast training program focuses on providing foundational knowledge and case studies that highlight current trends in enforcement and common pitfalls. It will also include takeaway tips and tricks to bring greater efficiency to your organizations and Plans in 2020. You can view the recording below and also download our required tax filing dates guide.

What You Need to Know

  • What guides you?
  • What financial reports are required?
  • What are the audit requirements?
  • What expenses are permitted?

Required Tax Filing Dates

Use this guide of required tax filing dates that apply to Plan Trustees (side 1) and Union Officers (side 2).


This webcast contains general information, may be based on authorities that are subject to change, and is not a substitute for professional advice or service. Information is accurate as of 1/15/20.

Tim Heller PBMares Partner

Timothy A. Heller, CPA