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What Our Clients Are Saying

I have known Kevin for 25 years and he is the greatest club advisor out there and a great partner for Desert Mountain. Kevin's experience and knowledge of private clubs and what it takes to be in compliance as a 501(c)(7) is invaluable. The information he provides is definitive and clear which makes it easier to follow the tax guidelines.

Desert Mountain started out as a 277 tax structure. When we determined we needed to shift to a 501(c)(7), Kevin came in, assessed our operations and advised us on what direction to take as far as tax status. In fact, his recommendation to change our tax status has resulted in an annual tax savings of $2.6 million.

Bob Jones
Chief Operating Officer/
General Manager
Desert Mountain Club, Inc.

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Country Clubs & Golf Courses

Country Clubs & Golf Courses

PBMares Knows Clubs

PBMares is committed to clients in the club industry. Our in-depth knowledge stems from recurring accounting and consulting engagements with clubs throughout the United States.

PBMares has developed a core team of industry specialists, providing accounting, audit, and consulting services geared specifically toward the needs of our club clients. Our track record of commitment and success in serving the industry ensures that our club clients receive the high level of attention and the results they deserve.

Our professionals have experience providing audit or tax solutions to private clubs. Every year we provide club-specific training to our staff to ensure they stay ahead of industry trends and remain among the most technically informed club services professionals in the nation.

National Speaker

Kevin F. Reilly has spoken for more than 25 years to club manager and controller groups. He has been the leading advocate for clubs in their dealings with the Internal Revenue Service, and few individuals in the United States can speak as informatively on the wide range of issues that clubs face. Kevin is a nationally recognized speaker and author on the many aspects of club operation and finances. His articles can be seen in the majority of club management publications throughout North America.

Kevin is personally involved with every club client in our office. From the initial contact to the Board of Directors presentations, Kevin will be with you every step of the way. It is our way of ensuring we deliver the partner-led service we promise and your assurance that, no matter how big or small your club may be, you will receive the experience and insight that comes from working with industry leaders.

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We serve clubs from New York to Florida. Not only will we go anywhere, but our costs are competitive and our experience and industry knowledge is unsurpassed. For information on any of the club services listed below, please contact Kevin Reilly.

Traditional Services

  • Audit Services
  • Tax Services

Technology Solutions

  • Planning
  • Needs Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Turnkey Solutions

Change Management

  • Turnover Audits
  • Tax Selection Options
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Reporting Systems

Operational Consulting

  • Privacy Issues
  • UBIT Traps
  • Section 277 Clubs
  • Management & Bylaw Structures
  • Accounting Cycle Control Studies: Inventory, Revenue & Payroll
  • Accounting Policy & Procedure Manuals
  • Board Orientations

Club Benchmarking

Club Benchmarking

As the publisher of Clubs in Town & Country, PBMares has formed a strategic alliance with Club Benchmarking resulting in Club Benchmarking’s Dynamic BenchmarkingTM platform to be utilized as the engine to collect data for this publication.

In addition, our partnership directly benefits you as we can now provide exclusive preferred membership rates to this online benchmarking tool which is designed specifically for member clubs and delivers peer comparison data directly to your desktop, 24/7. Click here to learn more.


Clubs in Town & Country2017 North American Edition of Clubs in Town & Country Now Available!

As an aid to our club clients in staying ahead of industry trends, we annually publish Clubs in Town & Country, the most respected statistical review and trend analysis of the club industry that is published. Our club studies are frequently quoted in trade journals and national publications like The Wall Street Journal and Business Week. To access this year’s publication, click here.

Uniformity of Financial Reporting
For many years, we have advocated for uniformity of financial reporting for clubs and have been privileged to co-author Uniform System of Accounts for Clubs and Expense and Payroll Dictionary for Clubs, both of which are published by the Club Managers Association of America. Our partners served as advisors to the committee that produced the 1996 update of the Uniform System of Financial Reporting for Clubs and are working on the current edition.

Memberships & Affiliations

PBMares is pleased to be a member of numerous club industry organizations, including:

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