Gain on Your Goals with an Integrated Approach to Tax

There’s nothing simple about taxes. It’s more than just filing this year’s returns and taking steps to reduce the amount you’ll pay the next year. What about the big picture? As your business grows and changes, so too does your tax situation. Given these, your approach and planning should change as well. Having a trusted advisor who can help you form a comprehensive tax strategy that combines multiple elements to reduce your total tax liability and enhance cash flow over many years is a necessity if you wish to keep your upward momentum.

PBMares’ tax professionals help you create tax savings now and over the course of your business’ entire lifecycle. We anticipate future events and examine their tax impact in order to create a long-range plan that maximizes profitability and ensures you never pay more than your proper share of taxes. Our disciplined approach incorporates deep knowledge of federal, state and local tax laws and takes into consideration tax-relevant elements like business growth, real property, investment and divestiture. For families with high net worth, these elements also include the tax impact of retirement, charitable giving, estate and succession plans.


“I’m a non-resident retired military member and multi-property business owner who is married to someone on active duty, so I have a very complicated tax situation. PBMares doesn’t work for me, they work with me. As the accounting backbone for my business, they allow me to focus on my personal and professional growth and needs. PBMares takes the time to understand my needs and works with me on my level.”

Gray Nelson, Franchise Owner, MELLOW MUSHROOM PIZZA BAKERS

Let PBMares’ tax professionals help you create tax savings now and over the course of your business’ entire lifecycle.

At PBMares, we proactively advise you on steps you can take now to minimize lifetime tax liability and also maximize cash flow and flexibility to help your business grow. Knowing what to expect helps you avoid surprises and complications. And with direct access to professionals who can answer your questions, you can rest assured that you’re in full compliance. Our complete range of tax services for businesses and high net worth families and individuals includes:

Whether your company is local, state-wide, national or international, there are accounting and tax obligations and opportunities you need to consider. Whatever your size, whatever your ambition, we want to partner with you to take you where you want to go. PBMares is here to support your accounting and financial needs through the following:

As a high-net-worth individual or family, your needs and financial goals are as unique as what drives and motivates you. You worked hard to get where you are today by capitalizing on opportunities and overcoming obstacles to success. Let PBMares apply our multi-faceted approach to design and implement a customized solution to benefit you and your family. Services for financially successful individuals and families include:

Owner-managed businesses come in a variety of sizes and are at various stages of their lifecycle. Whether you are starting up or are ready to pass on to the next generation, look to PBMares as an extension of your management team. We can help you identify challenges and determine the best path forward so you can succeed in the short and long term. The services we offer to help maximize your profits and enhance your efficiency include:

Considering a New Tax Advisor?

The businesses we advise represent virtually every industry, with specialties in helping those in construction, government contracting, municipal government, financial institutions, hospitality and not-for-profit.



Joseph S. Mastaler, Jr., CPA, CGMA, MST