Supply Chain Risk Management Services

Aside from the CMMC requirements that contractors must address for their own organization, there is a business imperative to also consider the indirect risk of supply chain disruption due to noncompliance of subcontractors within the supply chain. As subcontractors play a critical role in the supply chain, many companies will need to assess and respond to the risk of their subcontractors not being able to comply with their respective CMMC requirements on a given contract. If a vital subcontractor cannot meet the defined CMMC requirements, that subcontractor cannot be used for the respective contract–potentially causing serious supply chain disruptions for the prime contractor.

This risk can be of particular concern, as even the identification of relevant subcontractors and service providers throughout the supply chain can be an extremely complex and challenging task. Leveraging a breadth of experience and technical resources, we can help to identify, map, and profile your supply chain to provide transparency and valuable data points to support the mitigation of supply chain disruption.


Neena Shukla, CPA, CFE, CGMA, FCPA, CTP

Partner, Government Contracting Team Leader