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  • jenna molby style generator – inspect/copied the whole element from blank layout template into code block
  • copied element: html to html end tag
  • get page url did not work; page tracking is not showing yet – but the form is showing as success in prospect activity.
  • spacing does not match generator; remove checkbox, radio button styles?
  • CM Download Short Form July 15 using July 18 Layout Template Test

EARLIER TESTS ————————————————————————————

Connect With Us form was created by the Pardot team. They would need to fix tight padding around button.

2/3 column main contact form with all fields. Mobile version may show scroll bar. Longer fields run off screen view.

Must include additional white space below this form for  mobile. Extended to 600px.

2/3 column Connect With Us contact form  – duplicated with fewer fields fields for better mobile UI.
Pardot team will need to fix tight padding around button and bolder font on mobile.
Form name: Connect With Us Short Form

2/3 column main contact form with all fields. Height extended to 800px.
Field labels moved above to work better on mobile.

Labeled as “Standard Form” in Pardot Forms section.

1/4 column general contact test with fewer fields. No styling.

2/3 column clubs form test. Does not work well on mobile.

Extracted form only from code

Embedded using codeblock

spacing is ok but form should not expand until selections made

Need new id to identify form

We want to hear from you!

Please complete the form below and we’ll be in-touch soon; most often the same day. If you need immediate assistance, please visit our locations page to call one of our offices and speak to a member of our team.


Copy Pasted form section only into Avada Code Block to embed.
CM Download Short Form using Layout Template: CM Download 2.0 SHORT

Download Headline Here


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