Baltimore, MD

Serving the financial planning and wealth management needs of Baltimore businesses and high net worth individuals

Baltimore, Maryland – it’s the city of neighborhoods, with each district as different as the next. The businesses and individuals who give Baltimore its unique characteristics are just as diverse, as are their goals and challenges. To find the business insights and services that help you achieve your aims, you need a financial partner as distinctive as you are. PBMares Wealth Management offers investment management, retirement planning, family advisory, estate planning, and risk management services to help businesses and individuals achieve their financial goals.

It’s not just about business, though. Baltimore is a vibrant community that’s home to many. As the largest independent city in the country, Baltimore’s rich tapestry of people and places offers something to everyone. PBMares is proud to serve all of our communities, including Baltimore, by working with businesses and individuals, as well as partnering with local organizations like Santa Claus Anonymous, Inc. and Earl’s Place.