The Internal Revenue Code is a comprehensive body of tax law for the United States. It is organized into different titles, subtitles, chapters, subchapters, parts, and sections, with Section 7874 as its highest numbered section.

As a tax practitioner for the past 38 years, Partner Sean O’Connell, CPA/PFS, CGMA has served as an advisor and planner for hundreds of American taxpayers, and knows the Internal Revenue Code inside and out. To save you the time of reading through over 4,000 pages, Sean has summarized those Code Sections that, in his opinion, are the Greatest of All Time.

What you may find especially interesting is that all of these G.O.A.T. Code sections are all currently in effect and could include financial savings!

In this live webinar recording, Sean counts down his picks for the top 10 Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.) and how they can benefit you. If they aren’t on your radar, you may discover valuable tax strategies to implement.

For more information, read Sean’s article, “Greatest of All-Time” Internal Revenue Code Sections on our blog or contact us.

Webinar | The Greatest Tax Code Sections of All Time
When:  Wednesday, December 13