As a CPA firm that audits a lot of city clubs we often get asked the question…how do we get more women to join the club and, more specifically, younger professional women?

The answer really centers around amenities. Clubs need to think outside the box and offer amenities that will not only draw in women members but keep them.

Here are just a few ideas:

Spa Services – Wouldn’t it be nice, after a long day at work, to stop into your club for a massage before heading home? The clubs that do offer spa services are very well received.

Networking opportunities – A club that has members that are power players  might entice others to join. Activities that invite the introduction of business professionals to one another are important.  Focus both on coed and women only events.

Governance – Get women involved on committees and the Board.  The insight they bring generally is different.

Child Care Services – If clubs want women to come to and have dinner, it would be a great idea to offer babysitting services. It gives mom (and dad) a break yet the kids are right there on property.

Aesthetically pleasing environment – It’s important for the club to look and feel like a somewhere the members want to go and relax. When a prospective member visits for the first time they should think…who wouldn’t want to kick back in this type of environment.

Outside entertainment  – Wouldn’t it would be great to hear your favorite author speak or your favorite jazz trio perform?

Great Chef with a variety of options – last but certainly not least. Sometimes you want soup and a sandwich and sometimes you want a 5-course chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings. A variety of dining options (including kid-friendly) should be available.