Exit Planning Services

Leave Your Business with the Same Excitement
as When You Started It

Successful business owners are a unique breed. For most, your business is where you have invested a good deal of your time and money, working hard to create something of value for you, your family, your employees, and the community as a whole. By creating an exit plan well before you plan to leave, you can ensure that you get the most return from your years of investment and enjoy watching it continue on into the future.

What makes our approach to exit planning unique?

financial strategy

A lot of people play in the exit planning space, but as Registered Investment Advisors partnered with a CPA firm, we have capabilities and connections that others rarely have. In addition to the expertise and years of experience we bring to the table, we have the connections you need for a successful transition. We can bring in a tax professional to clean and audit your books, insurance experts to create “golden handcuff” policies to ensure your key managers stay through the transition, and corporate attorneys to create all the documentation you need for a smooth process. By working with us, you get the team you need specifically for your situation.

What you can expect when working with PBMares Wealth Management

Our primary goal is to create an exit plan that protects the transactional value of your business, reduces discounts, and allows you to get as much as possible from the ownership transfer. Whether you want to sell, transition to family members or to current executives, we take each business owner through a comprehensive list of value factors to determine where we need to focus our attention to get the most for your business. Working together, we evaluate your company’s worth today and do what we can to optimize its value. At the same time, we create a succession plan and coach you through the process of making this monumental change in your life, pulling in resources as needed for you – and your business – to make a successful transition.

Let’s start the conversation.

Creating a successful exit plan is ideally a five to 10-year process, so contact Daniel Yoo today. He is happy to talk with you about what you need to do now, and at each stage down the road.