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“Financial literacy equips clients with the knowledge to manage their finances in conjunction with their goals. My desire is to provide that source of understanding so clients know our relationship is a partnership in which goals are realized together.”

Shelly Braden, CFP®, BFA™

Senior Wealth Advisor


As a Senior Wealth Advisor in PBMares Wealth Management’s Williamsburg office, Shelly Braden has a passion for providing holistic financial planning to families and individuals.

Shelly graduated from Golden Gate University with her Masters of Science in Financial Planning and Taxation with a concentration in Estate Planning. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®) having completed the CFP Board’s rigorous standards through the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Shelly also holds her Behavioral Financial Advisor™ designation.

In her spare time, Shelly enjoys running and baking bread. She is also a member of the Junior Women’s Club of Williamsburg. Originally from North Carolina, she now resides in Williamsburg with her husband, Forest and son, Bowie.



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Insights Authored by Shelly Braden, CFP®, BFA™

Maxing Out 401(k) Savings for High Earners

High earners face additional contribution restrictions to employer-sponsored 401(k) plans. Being aware of these restrictions and how to navigate them can help maximize retirement savings.

A Closer Look at Charitable Giving

Charitable giving has many benefits on its own. Some taxpayers wrongly assume it is always beneficial for taxes, but that depends on individual tax circumstances and the type of donation.

Is 2021 the Year to Gift?

It should come as little surprise that Congress seeks ways to generate revenue given current spending levels. So what has been proposed and how might it affect high net worth estate and gift planning?

Understanding the Role of Cognitive Bias and Economic Bubbles

Lately, there have been several stories regarding the possibility that the U.S. economy is in a stock market bubble. It seems whenever there are extended time periods with high growth, the word bubble appears and investors start to become uneasy. So, what are bubbles and should we be concerned with them?

Wealth Transfers in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Turbulent markets affect not only your portfolio, but your livelihood. As we continue to monitor this unsettling time we also see opportunity. The economic downturn coupled with historically low interest rates may provide unique wealth transfer opportunities.

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