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  • Tow-for-one buydowns in real estate

Two-for-One Rate Buydown for Real Estate Developers

March 23, 2023|

Mortgage rates may be trending downward, but they’re still about double what they were a year ago. As potential home buyers are looking for ways to better manage the higher costs of purchasing a home, one option is the 2/1 rate buydown.

  • Silicon Valley Bank CFO Insights

CFO Insights after the SVB Collapse

March 16, 2023|

This blog will help CFOs and business leaders understand what led to the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, what to do next, how to protect their companies from similar risks, and what to expect going forward.

  • electric vehicle tax credit

Changes to the Electric Vehicle Credit

March 15, 2023|

Learn about changes to the Clean Vehicle Credit which makes it more complicated to qualify for the full tax credit, including manufacturer requirements, the impact of income thresholds and the effort to promote US manufacturing.

  • Government Contractor - Accounting System - Foundation for Success

Accounting System Compliance – Foundation for Success

March 14, 2023|

An accounting system for government contractors is composed of a general ledger, unallowable costs, job costing, labor collection, indirect cost allocation, and billing. An accounting system does not equate to accounting software; it is the process, including written policies and procedures.

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