PBMares Cares – Corporate Social Responsibility Program

At PBMares, we aim to impact the communities in which we work and live. We strive to make conscious decisions that improve the economic, social and environmental conditions around us. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program is called PBMares Cares and it consists of several components including philanthropy according to our giving mission, employee volunteer activities and resources to empower our people’s involvement in our giving mission and in making their own impact within our communities.

The PBMares Giving Mission

I. PBMares is committed to supporting education initiatives to address social inequities and to provide a pathway to financial stability and success.

  • We aim to focus our philanthropic support specifically on education programs, especially those that aim to increase financial literacy.
  • We endeavor to increase the interest in accounting across diverse populations as well as provide pathways for the shared prosperity of this essential field.

II. PBMares believes a strong business community and thriving small & minority-owned business ecosystem are the keystones to a robust economy.

  • We aim to support the small and minority-owned business community.
  • We endeavor to provide a pathway for individuals to obtain financial stability and economic success.

PBMares Cares Program Components

I. PBMares Cares Grant Program

The Grant Program funds programs within charitable organizations that align with the PBMares giving mission. The award process occurs approximately two times per year. One grant may be awarded per recipient per year.

View our 2023 Grant Recipients

PBMares Cares Grant Program Logo

Applications Are Now Open

Our fall application process opened September 1, 2023 and will close October 15, 2023. One grant may be awarded per recipient per year.

PBMares Cares Grant Recipients Fall 2022

II. PBMares Cares Volunteer Grant Program

Our employees have an opportunity to impact our communities through volunteer grants. to nonprofit organizations. This activity empowers local-office or regional teams to explore and choose local causes of importance to them or in alignment with our giving mission. When they identify a nonprofit who wishes to provide a volunteer opportunity and engage a predetermined number of employees at a set date and time, that nonprofit will not only receive the benefit of the time and talent of our employees, but will also be awarded a small monetary donation. This is a great team building experience while supporting our communities.

III. PBMares Cares Mini Grants

Employees nominate one of the volunteer grant organizations for a mini-grant each trimester. Employees will have an opportunity to vote on the organization/project they would like to see receive the grant.

IV. PBMares Cares Celebration of Employees

Our team members are involved in a wealth of their own individual causes and charities in their communities. We recognize and celebrate these accomplishments through the PBMares Cares intranet platform inside the firm.