Community Focused for Economic Success

PBMares is committed to supporting education initiatives to address social inequities and to provide a pathway to financial stability and success.

  • We aim to focus our philanthropic support specifically on education programs, especially those that aim to increase financial literacy.
  • We endeavor to increase the interest in accounting across diverse populations as well as provide pathways for the shared prosperity of this essential field.

PBMares believes a strong business community and thriving small & minority-owned business ecosystem are the keystones to a robust economy.

We aim to support the small and minority-owned business community and provide a pathway for individuals to obtain financial stability and economic success.

PBMares Cares Philanthropic program is focused on supporting its current programs, including our Volunteer Grant Program and our Giving Mission Grant Program. We are not accepting grant requests outside these programs at this time.

Stewardship is at the core of every decision our Grant Team makes. It’s gratifying to observe the growing impact of our PBMares Cares Philanthropic program. In our first year we donated over $350,000.

Image of graduation caps against a partly cloudy sky