Preserving Wealth Through Tax Planning

Planning for taxes and your financial well being involves much more than simply taking care of annual returns. You’ve got life changes to prepare for, assets to take into consideration and other financial needs to address. Taking care of your big picture means working with experts you can trust to handle everything that comes up and gives you the personal attention your affairs deserve.

We provide a complete range of accounting and financial advisory services for individuals designed to meet your needs at every stage of life. Whether you’re planning your first business as a sole proprietor, making sure your estate accomplishes everything you want to achieve or want to ensure you aren’t paying more in taxes than required, we’re here to help.


“I work with PBMares because ​I’ve been impressed​ with the knowledge and thoroughness they’ve demonstrated in the more than 10 years we have worked together.  PBMares has made a positive impact with what can be considered especially complex situations. ​I’m involved with over ten corporate entities and PBMares is very knowledgeable in advising me of important tax considerations and impacts to my tax return each year.  I can’t imagine working with anyone else going forward.”


Have a clear view of where you should be focusing by understanding the tax implications of your financial decisions.

You have unique issues. Whether you have unexpected out of state income, transfer an asset to a family member or maintain dual citizenship, you need to know how they impact your tax obligation. We help you understand your current return and your overall picture five or ten years down the road so you can plan for what lies ahead. That’s why, in addition to preparing returns, we provide projections of future income and tax, advise you on what you should be paying with quarterly estimates and anticipate events such as real property purchases and sales, gifts and business succession.

At PBMares, you get an exceptional level of personal service and partner involvement. Your financial matters are handled correctly and in the way that’s best for you, by talented professionals who meet your most complex and specialized needs. Our comprehensive services for individuals include:

Business valuations are needed for many reasons, including planning for a merger or acquisition, obtaining financing, estate and gift tax planning, retirement planning and divorce. The valuation process is complicated and includes tangible and intangible assets, public or private debt and stock options, among other things. PBMares understands the nuances of business valuations, and they make sure you do, too.
When you decide to form a business, you need to make certain key decisions, including the type of entity you want to be: sole proprietor, LLP, LLC, C Corp or S Corp. There is no universal “best” business entity. Essentially, the decision rests with the type of business, your objectives and the tax implications of your choices. Getting the right advice from the PBMares tax team when you start out will be important throughout the life of the business.
Fiduciary accounting is different than other accounting, primarily because an estate’s income must be separated between income (e.g., dividends and interest) and principal (i.e., trust assets). Mistakes can be costly. PBMares experts can ensure the trust is being administered correctly.
Gift and estate tax planning is a process that begins with an assessment of where you are now and where you want to be in the future. It is a very individual analysis that needs to consider diverse matters people face like providing for a special needs child or gifting to charitable organizations that are important to you. PBMares professionals are here to guide you as you make your decisions and help you understand the tax implications of your choices.
Gifting is something you do with good intentions. Without proper planning, though, it can result in tax liabilities for both parties. Proper planning is needed to make sure your gift of money or other assets is transferred the way you want it to be. Use our tax planning services to help you meet your giving goals.
The annual task of preparing your tax returns is a combination of making sure you have all pertinent information, taking advantage of deductions and credits, making sure you are filing in all relevant jurisdictions and meeting filing deadlines. Because our professionals are knowledgeable about the current laws, regulations and limits, you can rest assured you are not paying more than you need to.
Preserving and growing your investments is a universal goal. PBMares’ Wealth Management team can help you achieve that goal through the utilization of investment strategies built on a combination of peer-reviewed academic research and the expertise and insights of our advisors.
There are times tax returns must be filed in more than one state, for example if you have partnership or S Corp income, have moved your primary residence from one state to another or work in one state and live in another. The rules are complicated, but PBMares is here to provide the guidance and expertise you need across all 50 states.
Having a secure and comfortable retirement is a universal goal. Getting there can be more problematic. Good planning allows you to attain the financial independence you want. Our experts will use tools like income forecasting, business valuation and tax planning to work with you to design a plan that allows you to achieve your retirement goals.
Not only does the federal government offer certain credits and incentives, but state and local governments do as well. Knowing which tax credits and incentives are available and how to take advantage of them takes planning.
Proactive tax planning is an important part of maximizing wealth and minimizing taxes. Using forecasting techniques such “what-if” analyses, our tax experts will work with you to plan for future personal, business and investment decisions.

Resident aliens, non-resident aliens and dual citizens are required to comply with FACTA and file tax returns in the U.S. In general, and subject to certain credits and deductions, resident aliens are taxed on worldwide income; nonresident aliens are taxed on U.S. income tax; dual residents with international status are taxed in accordance with tax treaties. U.S. citizens with residences in more than one state are taxed according to each state’s domicile law. PBMares’ tax experts are here to help you navigate the complex rules and regulations.

Managing wealth has three goals: (1) preserving and growing it so you can have the lifestyle you want, (2) protecting your assets for future generations and (3) providing a legacy you can be proud of. Whether this means ensuring your grandchildren’s college education is paid for, endowing a nonprofit or another deeply held wish, the professionals with PBMares Wealth Management will work to give you peace of mind.



Joseph S. Mastaler, Jr., CPA, CGMA, MST