Preserve Your Assets with Generational Wealth Transfer

You look out for your family by managing the details of everyday life and doing whatever is needed to get the best possible results. When needs change, as they do regularly, you adapt accordingly. Planning for your family’s future is similar, except the underlying issues never change: How are you going to protect your assets so your family will be protected long into the future? What kind of legacy do you want to leave?


“PBMares works collaboratively with our legal and investment advisors to provide us with holistic, forward-looking guidance, especially in the area of inter-generational planning. They listen thoughtfully to our objectives and help us plan carefully to achieve them by means of establishing a family foundation and trusts for our grandchildren. We truly feel PBMares is invested in our success, and we in theirs.”


Benefit from a holistic approach to family wealth management designed to help you protect your assets and preserve your legacy.

PBMares’ experienced asset preservation group will walk you through every area of the analysis, planning and implementation process to ensure you are doing all you can do to protect you and your family’s financial well-being today and in the future. We can help you with:

If you have assets of $1 million or greater, you need a cohesive plan for your money. It’s much more complicated than simply deciding whether to buy stocks or bonds. Before you ever get to that decision, you need a clear picture of your specific needs and wishes, as well as a determination of how much risk you can tolerate. Our professionals look at the whole picture, including portfolio design, tax and estate planning, wealth forecasting, spend-down strategies, education funding, life insurance, business valuation and other relevant factors to formulate an overall strategic plan to help you accomplish your goals while building and conserving your wealth.

Many people have causes they feel strongly about and want to support not only today, but well into the future. That’s when charities and charitable giving becomes an important part of one’s legacy. If you find yourself in this situation, turn to our professionals for help formulating a sophisticated gifting strategy that maximizes your gift through the use of estate, gift and income tax-saving strategies such as charitable remainder and charitable lead trusts.

Life is filled with a series of milestones and changes. It is impossible predict all of them, but there are some universal markers that can be anticipated. Working together, we develop plans around life events so you can have the financial peace of mind you need:

  • Marriage and divorce

    The tax and financial issues related to marriage and divorce can be complicated. The choices you make have long-term consequences, but they are subjective and often colored by emotion. Our professionals review the issues pertinent to your particular situation and provide the objective advice you need to make good decisions regarding matrimonial matters and settlements.  This includes tax planning and estate advice related to marriage and divorce, as well as valuation services pursuant to divorce settlements.

  • Children and Grandchildren

    Providing a financially secure future for children and grandchildren is a priority for parents and grandparents. Whether this means ensuring a college education, caring for a disabled child or planning for unexpected circumstances, PBMares professionals will look at the big picture and help design a plan that achieves your goals. If you are interested in 529 plans or custodial accounts, PBMares Wealth Management can help put them in place.

  • Business Succession

    Your business is one of the most valuable assets you have. When the time comes, whether you are selling or planning for the next generation of owners to step in, part of the plan is deciding how you will take the fruits of your labor. Structuring your payout to minimize the tax consequences is key to maximizing your estate. The experts at PBMares and PBMares Wealth Management look at all aspects of your short- and long-term dreams and goals to design a personalized plan that incorporates tax planning and risk tolerance.

  • Retirement

    Retirement planning starts years before the actual event. Having the retirement you envision requires a combination of wealth forecasting, trust and estate planning, business valuation and succession planning.

No one wants to pay more in taxes than they have to. Minimizing the amount of tax you need to pay is a realistic goal, and strategic tax planning is the best way to achieve it. PBMares professionals work with you to:

  • Recommend practical tax planning solutions that address state income and estate tax considerations, including multi-year and multi-state tax planning
  • Provide tax projections for withholding and estimated tax
  • Consider the tax implications of the business structure you choose when you start a business
  • Analyze your compensation and retirement plans to ensure they are designed to preserve your wealth
  • Advise on multi-state tax issues, including residency and nexus
  • Utilize trust and estate planning
  • Plan for charitable gifting
  • Guide your choice of entity planning for small businesses
  • Prepare federal, state and local income tax returns for individuals and entities, including tax return filings in all states
  • Wealth management consulting
You’ve worked hard to accomplish all that you have, and you’d prefer to share that success with your family and loved ones rather than Uncle Sam. To preserve your wealth, we provide a full range of trust and estate planning and implementation services. Accumulating $1 million or more in wealth is wonderful; having a clear picture of what needs to be done to maximize your wealth so you can have the future you envision for yourself and your heirs is critical.

Preserving our clients’ wealth is a PBMares’ priority. To do this, we provide a full range of trust and estate planning and implementation services to formulate a long-term estate plan designed to:

  • Develop plans to utilize specialized trusts that minimize income, estate and/or gift tax and maximize family wealth preservation
  • Employ tax-saving strategies for charitable giving
  • Ensure that retirement plans distributions maximize family wealth and minimize taxes
  • Design and implement a business succession plan that helps you meet your financial goals
  • Perform a life insurance analysis (through PBMares Wealth Management)
  • Assess your long-term care documents and help with tax planning for your long-term care needs
  • Prepare and file Forms 1041, 706, 709
  • Perform fiduciary inventories and accountings and advise clients on methods and cost/benefit considerations with going through probate