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Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Managing Director, PBMares Capital Markets

Enrique Brito PBMares Richmond

Managing Director of Transaction Advisory Services

Partner, Healthcare Assurance and Risk Consulting Team Leader

Lynn Eller CPA PBMares International Tax

Partner, International Tax Team Leader

Rise Flenner PBMares LLP

Director of Succession Planning

Partner, Construction and Real Estate Team Leader

Partner, State and Local Government Team Co-leader

Bo Garner PBMares CPA and Partner

Partner, Not-for-Profit Team Leader

Partner, Audit & Assurance Service Leader

Partner, Employee Benefit Team Leader

Partner, State and Local Government Team Leader

Harvey L Johnson, CEO, PBMares LLP

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Partner, Pathway Accounting Services Co-leader

Gary Kitts, CPA, PBMares Partner

Partner, Retirement Plan Services Leader

Rob Klingensmith PBMares Wealth Management

Partner / Consulting Services Leader

Antonina McAvoy Senior Manager Cybersecurity

Senior Manager, Cybersecurity & Control Risk Services Team Leader

Stacie Newnam, CPA, Partner, PBMares

Partner, Retirement Plan Services

Nick Perrine, PBMares Partner

Partner, Tax Service Leader

Director, State & Local Tax Team Leader

Partner, Government Contracting Team Leader

Director, Pathway Accounting Services Co-leader

Partner, Hospitality Team Leader