TITLE: Partner
LOCATION: Williamsburg

David Damiani has always enjoyed working with numbers, a fascination that started as a child wanting to understand how to analyze sports statistics. Tax accounting provides him with a rewarding opportunity to solve numerical problems in a way that provides tangible benefits as he solves real-world dilemmas for his clients.

Helping clients accomplish their goals through estates, gifts and trusts is another of David’s areas of specialty, as well as resolving issues that can arise in implementing these plans. In addition, he assists individuals, particularly small business owners, with strategic tax planning and tax preparation and offers knowledgeable advisory support in choosing the most beneficial entity.

David is also a noted writer whose professional articles have been published in Inside Business and the Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology. He served as the editor-in-chief of the Texas Review of Law & Politics and is currently a member of the publication’s board of directors. In the perfect blending of his interest in numbers and passion for sports, David wrote a sports column for the online edition of American Enterprise Magazine from 2002-2006.

He has earned a host of awards for his service to clients, including recognition from Inside Business as one of their Top 40 Under 40, being named as a Super CPA by Virginia Business magazine for his work in Estate Planning and Trust, and as a five-time Super CPA by the same organization in the Young CPA category.

In the community, David is the Tidewater Chapter and Walk Coordinator for the PKD Foundation, a national non-profit organization dedicated to funding education and research related to polycystic kidney disease. David also serves on the planning committee for the Virginia Conference on Federal Taxation.



Construction and Real Estate, Small Business

Estate and Trust, Tax: Business, Tax: Individual
"Tax accounting appeals to my lifelong fondness for numerical problem solving, in a way that provides tangible solutions for people who come to me with real dilemmas. It’s professionally satisfying to help them solve their problems, but more importantly, personally satisfying to do that as those clients often become real friends."