International Tax Strategies for Your Next Move

In a global economy, expanding into new territory can be a successful business strategy. It’s also a complex undertaking and can bring unexpected costs with limited rewards in the absence of highly specific knowledge. A thoughtful approach to international business activity is required to reap the potential rewards and remain in compliance with the varying tax and regulatory legislation that applies to your company’s home country, as well as those into which you are expanding.

Identifying potential pitfalls and taking advantage of international opportunities requires a level of skill and experience that few business advisory firms can provide. From working with regional governments and other agencies to establishing the best approach to taxes, insurance and business structure, a nuanced understanding is necessary to deliver the success you hope to achieve in any international venture.


“Although we are a United States company, the management is done here in the United Kingdom; therefore we rely upon professional companies in the USA such as PBMares for accurate advice and clear direction. PBMares is a professional company that provides good value and first class service to a local small business, managed from overseas.”

Stephen R. Lilly, Vice President, EBAC INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, INC

Whether you’re entering the U.S. or expanding overseas, get the guidance and assistance you need in all facets of international tax and business issues.

PBMares offers comprehensive support for international business activities to both U.S.-based companies and those based in other countries that want to reach American markets. In addition, we provide tax and financial advisory services for individuals who want to minimize their overall tax liability. We help clients with a wide range of issues involving international financial concerns, including:

Doing business in neighboring countries is not unusual. Having advisors, like the members of our international team, who can work with you to be sure you understand the various rules and regulations that will affect your business is invaluable.

In addition to planning and compliance, companies operating in foreign jurisdictions need help and advice with the nuts and bolts of doing business, such as obtaining Employer Identification Numbers (EINs), Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs) and coordinating and filing the required registration forms and taxes, such as sales tax. Combining the knowledge of our international and state and local tax teams, you will get the guidance needed to ensure compliance.

Managing finances from abroad can be complicated, whether you are an employee or a retiree. From advice about where to set up a bank account to deciding whether to buy a residence or rent, PBMares’ professionals will give you the guidance you need.

Every country has its own tax code, and every company operating inside its borders must comply. This can open a challenging dilemma for multi-national companies: which taxing authority has priority? PBMares’ international tax specialists understand how to guide you in areas like utilizing foreign tax credits, minimizing withholding and avoiding double taxation.

Companies need to be sure they control their risk exposure. Making sure you have the insurance protection you need in the U.S. and the foreign jurisdictions in which you operate is an important part of your overall business plan. At PBMares, we have professionals who understand these insurance options so you will know what is covered.

Complying with complex international tax laws and regulations, including FBAR, FACTA and the IGA, can be overwhelming. Requirements, dates and deadlines can be hard to keep track of since they vary according to the jurisdiction. Our professionals can give you peace of mind by monitoring this information and ensuring you always are in compliance.

Deciding where to set up a parent company is critical for international businesses. Whether inside the U.S. or in a foreign country, the decision impacts the business’s tax and regulatory requirements going forward. Our international tax professionals can help you explore your options and share what the tax implication of each option will be.

Whether you need a U.S. GAAP or IFRS audit, our professionals will help you navigate the process. You can rely on our expertise to ensure you are compliant with U.S. and international laws.

Selecting the right entity structure is always important, but it’s especially true when you are operating internationally. You don’t have to navigate the tax, legal and operational consequences of your decision on your own; our international team can help you evaluate your options.

Often, parent companies elect to set up subsidiaries. There are financial reasons for doing so. In the U.S., there might be tax advantages at both the federal and state level. Having a subsidiary also limits the parent company’s financial exposure. PBMares professionals look at the full picture and offer the guidance you need to make the best possible decisions.

The U.S. has tax treaties with many countries. Whether yours is an inbound or outbound entity, parent company or subsidiary, you need to understand the laws, rules and regulations that will affect your business. PBMares’ professionals have the expertise you need to get the right guidance.

Totalization agreements are tax agreements that help U.S. citizens working abroad avoid paying Social Security and/or income tax in multiple jurisdictions

Require Help Managing International Taxes?

As soon as a company conducts business outside the U.S., they have to understand the potential tax implications faced. We have helped a number of businessesincluding those in construction, government contracting, and hospitalitynavigate these complex issues.



Lynn M. Eller, CPA, APCIT, PFS

Partner, International Tax Team Leader