Your Future. Our Focus.

Your Future. Our Focus.

Ryan B. Paul, CPA

TITLE: Partner
LOCATION: Rockville

From an early age, Ryan Paul recognized the importance of having a knowledgeable and trustworthy advisor for his family. That knowledge compelled him to enter the accounting profession with the goal of becoming a valuable resource for families and businesses.

A volunteer position in college helped solidify his path. While attending the University of Scranton, he volunteered with the IRS through the Volunteer Income Assistance Tax Program, or VITA, preparing tax returns for low-income individuals and families. He found this work extremely rewarding and continued to forge ahead into the areas of tax and advisory services.

In addition to serving as a resource, Ryan truly enjoys developing long-lasting relationships with clients. He appreciates and values the opportunity to meet and advise many interesting individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences and industries. Working in the DC Metro area has provided other advantages, including enabling him to develop deep connections in the community and to gain experience with countless clients who have afforded him the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Ryan’s specialty areas include real estate, I.R.C. code section 163(J), high net worth individuals and pass-through entities.  His past experience includes serving a diverse group of clients, including small business owners, real estate partnerships, former politicians and diplomats, attorneys, doctors and engineers.  At the industry level, he is an active member of the firm’s Construction & Real Estate Team.  He also has served on the firm’s internal Emerging Issues Task Group.

An avid sportsman, Ryan enjoys golfing, skiing and fishing.  His other interests include history, reading, woodworking, traveling, wine, and spending quality time with family and friends.  In his free time, he participates in charitable activities through his active membership in the Knights of Columbus.



  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting (minors in history and operations management) from the University of Scranton in Scranton, Pennsylvania.


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Construction and Real Estate, Various

Business Advisory, Tax: Business, Tax: Individual
"The opportunity to advise, consult and serve clients is only half the challenge of being a CPA in an ever changing tax world. The ability to build trust and gain the confidence of clients in this profession is what makes my career fulfilling."
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