Transferring Federal Energy Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act introduced transferable federal energy tax credits, with guidance for implementation released mid-2023. This clarifies the process for transferring energy-related tax credits and aims to promote growth in the clean energy sector.

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Overview of the New Renewable Energy Tax Credit under Section 48

The Inflation Reduction Act modified or introduced several energy efficient tax incentives, like the newly created Section 48(e) renewable energy investment tax credit. The base amount can be increased by several optional bonus credits.

What’s in the Inflation Reduction Act, Anyway? 12 Tax Provisions in Detail

From corporate tax changes to clean energy tax credits, the 179D commercial building deduction, and more, the Inflation Reduction Act contains a myriad of tax law changes for 2023 and beyond. This article details 12 tax changes likely to impact most taxpayers.

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How Is Recent Legislation Impacting Construction and Real Estate? A 2023 Outlook

Three large pieces of legislation have been passed in the last 15 months with a collective goal of revitalizing and revamping domestic infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, and clean energy. There are many various impacts to the construction and real estate industry.

45L Residential Energy Efficiency Credit: Updates for 2023

The Inflation Reduction Act retroactively reinstated 45L for 2022 and extended the credit through 2032. For the 2022 tax year, projects follow the same eligibility rules. Beginning in January 2023, more stringent energy efficiency requirements will be in place.

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