What to Do if You Filed an Employee Retention Credit Claim with the IRS

ERC submissions are under scrutiny by the IRS due to a surge in questionable claims. Are you confident your claim meets the eligibility requirements and can stand up to a potential audit?

2023-09-21T09:53:30-04:00September 21, 2023|Categories: Tax: Business|Tags: |

For Boards, the Best Cybersecurity Defense Is a Good Offense

The regulation has been introduced to improve transparency in the markets for sustainable investment products while increasing transparency around sustainability claims made by FMPs.

2023-09-04T11:14:43-04:00September 7, 2023|Categories: Cybersecurity, Risk Advisory|Tags: |

Estate Planning after the Sale of a Business Interest

This article discusses estate planning and tax considerations after the sale of a business interest or other liquidity event, including common strategies to reduce estate tax and meet charitable giving goals.

2023-09-15T16:56:42-04:00August 30, 2023|Categories: Estate and Trust, Tax: Individual|Tags: , |

The Critical Role of SAM Registration for Federal Contractors

Federal contractors must ensure they keep their SAM registration up to date. If a contractor's SAM profile expires, the government is no longer authorized to work with that contractor.

2023-08-18T15:03:34-04:00August 24, 2023|Categories: Government Contracting|Tags: |
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