Pass-through entity elections are here to stay: What you need to know

Pass-through entity elections are creating tax planning complexity. This article explains what you need to know and what you should do next.

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What Government Contractors Need to Know about PTET

Understanding the rules and laws governing PTETs and various state rules, as well as GAAP guidance, can help make sure government contractors remain compliant and efficient.

A New Frontier in State Taxation: Pass-Through Entity Tax

Designed to eliminate the adverse impacts of the SALT cap, the Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTET) is an optional state income tax that taxpayers may elect to use. However, before deciding whether a PTET election is the right move, there are a variety of issues to consider. 

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Webinar Recording | Pass-Through Entity Tax: A New Frontier in State Taxation

Watch the recording from our December 7th webinar for insights on the Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTET), an optional state income tax that Pass-Through Entity taxpayers may elect to use.

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State and local tax considerations when building supply chain resilience

Consider state and local tax ramifications, such as nexus and filing requirements, when relocating supply chain components to build resilience.

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Changes to ERC Deductions for North Carolina Employers and Expansion of NC Business Recovery Grant Program for Phase Two Applications

North Carolina’s legislature recently changed state tax laws governing employers’ ability to deduct the employee retention credit from state taxable wages and significantly expanded eligibility for a business grant program with an application deadline of June 1, 2022.

The Build Back Better Act’s Dozen Tax Changes (UPDATED)

There are many tax changes proposed in the Build Back Better Act. PBMares has detailed a dozen tax changes (including an update October 28th) that would change the tax landscape and would require many taxpayers to re-evaluate their tax positions.

2021-11-02T08:06:02-04:00October 29, 2021|Categories: Tax: Individual, Tax: International, Tax: State & Local|Tags: , , |
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