Whitepaper | Issues to Consider When Planning for Charitable Giving

For a comprehensive checklist of relevant issues to take into consideration when planning for charitable giving, download our guide: Issues to Consider When Establishing Your Charitable Giving Strategy.

2023-10-30T12:07:18-04:00October 30, 2023|Categories: Estate and Trust, Wealth Management, Whitepaper|

Billionaire Tax Proposed for Wealthy Individuals, Estates and Trusts

Source: RSM US LLP.   With the coronavirus pandemic consuming attention and companies focusing on implementing safety, readiness and response measures, a surge in potentially harmful phishing scams has emerged.

2021-11-02T12:11:20-04:00October 30, 2021|Categories: Estate and Trust, Tax: Individual|Tags: , |

Navigating “Per Stirpes” Election for Beneficiary Designations

What happens if any of your primary or contingent beneficiaries pass away before you? If your intent is to leave behind a legacy for that particular beneficiary’s heirs, adding the Per Stirpes designation may be advantageous.

2021-01-29T14:44:48-05:00January 29, 2021|Categories: Estate and Trust, Wealth Management|Tags: |

Facilitating Estate Planning Beyond the Estate Tax

With a threshold of $11 million per person, the estate tax has become a concern mostly for the very wealthy. While most of us don’t need to think about an estate tax when we die, there is still plenty of estate planning to be done, whether it is more financial, practical, or logistical in nature.

2019-03-19T15:15:36-04:00February 21, 2019|Categories: Estate and Trust, Retirement, Tax: Individual|Tags: |
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