Accounting Internship

Our 2024 intern positions have been filled. We will post 2025 positions later this year.

Kick-Start Your Career in Public Accounting

Are you ready to learn about the accounting profession first-hand while gaining real-world experience in tax and audit? PBMares offers interns an unmatched opportunity to learn the skills they’ll need for a successful career in public accounting – and other fields as well.

Connect the dots between your studies and your future career.

You’re learning lots in college, but how does what you’re studying translate to real work in a busy accounting firm? You’ll find out how they connect through your internship at PBMares, and probably even discover whether you prefer a career in the tax or audit side of the profession. But don’t worry – we don’t expect you to have previous experience. As long as you’re hardworking, inquisitive and have a constant thirst for knowledge, you’re ready to work with us as an intern.

Team up with a mentor to guide you through your internship.

As an intern, you will work with a supervisor throughout your internship. This experienced professional will be there to walk you through the program from start to finish, helping you navigate the work and answering all your questions about the firm, building a career and what you can expect in public accounting.

Discover career possibilities and your individual potential.

You’ll have challenging work that includes both audit and tax, so you can get a feel for each area. You’ll also learn soft skills, like how to conduct a professional business lunch and other business etiquette that will help you succeed in any career you choose to pursue. Each week our interns come together to discuss what they’re doing and learning, sharing their experiences for additional insight into the profession. You’ll even explore one client in depth for a research project that will allow you to see exactly how a great accounting firm brings value to support an individual business.

Unlock the opportunity to join the team.

If you love your internship, there’s a possibility for a career with PBMares. We provide advanced offers for a number of our interns for full-time positions after they’ve graduated. And if it turns out you don’t love public accounting, you’re still ahead of the game. Knowledge is power, and you’ll move on in a better position to pursue your true passion.

2023 Internship PBMares LLP

Thank You to Our 2023 Interns

Last year, we were honored to work with 25 interns from multiple colleges and universities across our office locations in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. Check out our summer interns featured on our Linkedin page.

Summer 2022 Internship Event
Summer Interns at Top Golf in Richmond

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