Give Your Resume and Your Financial Goals a Boost

Seasonal staff at PBMares are an important part of the firm’s commitment to delivering high-quality accounting services to the clients we serve.

Enjoy a professional environment while performing meaningful work.

PBMares recognizes and respects the contributions seasonal staff make and is committed to providing a positive, professional experience for them. Many of these professionals return year after year, helping meet the additional need for tax professionals as they fulfill their own goals.

Join a dedicated group with a common background.

Seasonal workers at PBMares are a diverse group: retirees, accounting students, military service members, veterans, trailing spouses and others. What they have in common is a background in tax, finance or accounting (either professional or as current or recent students in these areas) and a dedication to accurate, efficient tax return preparation.

Receive training and guidance that sets you up for success.

As a seasonal employee, you’ll work to complete tax returns in our Williamsburg individual tax processing (ITP) office. In addition to your professional background or education in tax and accounting, you’ll receive two weeks of training designed to ensure familiarity with our process and the tools you’ll use. Training is completed in January, and work continues until the year’s tax deadline in April.

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