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Construction and Real Estate are specialized business niches with unique requirements. For decades, PBMares has helped contractors and real estate developers navigate through the troubled and ever changing waters of this industry. We focus on establishing partnerships with contractors to enable them to maximize profits and improve the bottom line. Your success is our success.

Contractors, developers, heavy construction specialists, home builders, land developers and specialty trades professionals all face their own challenges as they strive for success in the industry, but they have one thing in common: the need for excellent accounting and financial advisory services. Since every client is different, we strive to listen carefully to each one so we can identify opportunities and communicate clearly the options and choices available. Our goal is to provide all clients with the current, comprehensive information required to make the best decisions for their company.

Section 179d Deduction Opportunities

Learn how recent changes to Section 179d deduction extension can benefit your company.

Tax Services 

Estate and Succession Planning

Many construction contractors and developers have built their company as a family. That makes a smooth transition to the next generation a personal as well as a business priority. We can help you with estate and succession to ensure the company you’ve put so much into will pay you back generously while providing ample opportunity for the next generation of company leaders.

Representation Before IRS, State and Local Authorities

Navigating a tax audit or other controversy alone is rarely a wise choice. If your construction company faces an inquiry by the IRS or another tax authority, our tax professionals are beside you to support your position and ensure that you are treated fairly. From low-level return inquiries to full sales tax audits, you can count on PBMares for experienced assistance throughout the audit process.

State and Local

Complying with tax laws that vary dramatically between states can create major headaches for construction contractors. Which jobs, equipment and costs are included? Do you even have to file in a particular state? Sales tax is yet another consideration, with many variations and big potential impacts to your profitability. Eliminate the confusion with state and local tax (SALT) support from our experienced SALT professionals. We understand how to help contractors recognize and comply with the state and local tax laws that apply to you and minimize your overall tax liability.

Tax Projections and Planning

With an ever-changing tax code, it’s not easy to minimize tax liability as a construction contractor or real estate developer. You don’t want to pay more than is legally required, either. We keep you up-to-date on the current laws and provide knowledgeable advice to help you take advantage of all the savings opportunities available while staying fully compliant with the latest changes to applicable tax laws. From cost allocation to tangible asset repair, we’ve got the insights that help you establish customized, long-term strategies to minimize your state and federal tax burden.

Tax Reporting for Long-Term Construction Contracts

Handling long-term contracts correctly in tax returns is one of the most difficult tasks that contractors and developers face each year. We assist you in choosing the most appropriate accounting method and creating accurate expense/revenue projections to keep your tax reporting on target – and your cash flow strong.

Tax Return Preparations for Corporations, S-Corps & Partnerships

As a contractor, you must select an accounting method from a variety of options. Choosing the accounting method that’s most appropriate for your construction company’s size, projects, and individual goals demands a deep understanding of the legal and tax ramifications involved. Estimating expenses and revenues from long-term contracts is another challenge that can have significant consequences for your bottom line. PBMares supports construction and development professionals with filing tax returns, choosing and implementing accounting methods, completing Form 3115 accounting changes, evaluating long term contracts, and other issues you face in meeting your tax responsibilities.



Jennifer French, CPA

Partner, Construction and Real Estate Team Leader

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