Meet Our 2019 Summer Interns

This past summer, we had the pleasure of working with 21 interns across 10 offices and two states. The best and the brightest from 11 schools immersed themselves in working with clients while learning about tax, accounting, audit and assurance, cybersecurity, data analytics, innovation, wealth management and much more.

PBMares’ internship program provides students a well-rounded program that focuses on learning and development, client service excellence, volunteerism, relationship building and fun!

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emily rutledge accounting intern

Emily Rutledge
Accounting Intern  |  Harrisonburg Office
James Madison University

“I am interning with PBMares a second time because they value their clients and employees, and support the community.”

richard chen data analytics intern

Richard Chen
Data Analyst Intern  |  Newport News Office
Duke University

“As an intern, I have been employing data analytics to help develop a process to consolidate contact databases.”

khalid hirad accounting intern

Khalid Hirad
Accounting Intern  |  Fairfax Office
University of Mary Washington

“What attracted me to PBMares was the chance to intern for a regionally and nationally recognized firm.”

sofia muzzatti accounting intern

Sofia Muzzatti
Accounting Intern  |  Rockville Office
Penn State University

“I was attracted to PBMares’ upbeat culture and the smaller size of each individual location, making one-on-one time with different levels of associates easier and accessible.”

tyler dunn accounting intern

Tyler Dunn
Accounting Intern  |  Richmond Office
Randolph Macon College

“I was attracted to PBMares because they offered the opportunity to practice both Audit and Tax accounting throughout the internship.”

shyanne dyson cybersecuritiy intern

Shyanne Dyson
Cybersecurity Intern  |  Norfolk Office
Hampton University

“PBMares has an amazing atmosphere full of diverse team members.”

rachel blitt pbmares intern williamsburg

Rachel Blitt
Accounting Intern  |  Williamsburg Office
Christopher Newport University

“I am excited for the opportunity to work hands-on with current clients and truly experience what it’s like to work in the accounting field.”

michael kline accounting intern rockville

Michael Kline
Accounting Intern  |  Rockville Office
University of South Carolina

“The internship at PBMares will give me the guidance I am looking for to determine the type of work I want to do.”

jordan secrist accounting intern harrisonburg

Jordan Secrist
Accounting Intern  |  Harrisonburg Office
University of Virginia

“I am excited about the platform PBMares is providing so I can learn and gain experience in the field of accounting.”

nirlange heriveaux accounting intern norfolk

Nirlange Heriveaux
Accounting Intern  |  Norfolk Office
Old Dominion University

“I chose to intern with PBMares after I discovered how committed they are to serving the community along with their clients.”

hector salazar gianella wealth management intern fairfax

Hector Salazar Gianella
Wealth Management Intern  |  Fairfax Office
James Madison University

“I joined PBMares to help people in a meaningful way while expanding my knowledge and passion for investments.”

rachel miller cybersecurity intern norfolk

Rachel Miller
Cybersecurity Intern  |  Norfolk Office
Old Dominion University

“I feel that the hands-on skills I will learn through this program fall directly in line with my personal career goals in the Cybersecurity field.”

austin thomasson accounting intern fairfax

Austin Thomasson
Accounting Intern  |  Fairfax Office
Christopher Newport University

“I was attracted to the positive work environment at PBMares and enjoyed the energetic attitude of PBMares employees.”

joel magee cybersecurity intern norfolk

Joel Magee
Cybersecurity Intern  |  Norfolk Office
Hampton University

“I was attracted to PBMares because of the opportunity to gain industry experience applying concepts I learned from my studies.”

carley vaughn accounting intern baltimore

Carley Vaughn
Accounting Intern  
University of Mary Washington

“I was interested in PBMares because of its strong internship program that will give me exposure to both tax and audit.”

davis pillow accounting intern newport news

Davis Pillow
Accounting Intern  |  Newport News Office
Christopher Newport University

“PBMares offers many career opportunities and provides a great focus on their employees and clients.”

dillon wheeler accounting intern warrenton

Dillon Wheeler
Accounting Intern  |  Warrenton Office
William & Mary University

“My goal is to open my own business in Virginia, so this internship is the perfect chance to get both accounting experience and insight into how a successful local company operates.”

marshall steven accounting intern fredericksburg

Marshall Steven
Accounting Intern  |  Fredericksburg Office
University of Mary Washington

“PBMares showed genuine interest in both growing my skill set as an accountant as well as who I am as a person.”

spencer bacon accounting intern newport news

Spencer Bacon
Accounting Intern  |  Newport News Office
Christopher Newport University

“The focus on client interactions was one of the main guiding factors at PBMares that was of interest to me.”

thomas barnard accounting intern fairfax

Thomas Barnard
Accounting Intern  |  Fairfax Office
Christopher Newport University

“I was attracted to PBMares because I believe the internship program will provide a diverse experience and help me expand my horizons.”

zach hazelwood accounting intern norfolk

Zach Hazelwood
Accounting Intern  |  Norfolk Office
Old Dominion University

“I enjoy working in a medium-paced, close-knot environment with lots of teamwork involved.”

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Are you ready to learn about the accounting profession first-hand while gaining real-world experience in tax and audit? PBMares offers interns an unmatched opportunity to learn the skills they’ll need for a successful career in public accounting – and other fields as well. Follow our career page for upcoming internship and job openings.