By Neena Shukla, CPA, CFE, CGMA, FCPA, CTP


Ah, the end of the fiscal year—the time when spreadsheets get their moment in the spotlight, and budgets do the cha-cha. Fellow government contractors, it’s time to don our financial superhero capes and give our balance sheets the attention they deserve. So grab your calculators and let’s embark on a financial adventure to ensure a triumphant start to the upcoming fiscal extravaganza!

Polish Your Budgetary Dance Moves

Take a twirl through your budgetary ballroom and ensure it’s as elegant as ever. Identify those budgetary waltzes and quicksteps that need fine-tuning, ensuring your financial performance is set to steal the show.

Tax Deductions Extravaganza

We’re not saying you need a red carpet, but consider it rolled out for your eligible tax deductions. From business expenses to philanthropic contributions, claim your well-deserved spotlight and ensure Uncle Sam applauds your fiscal prowess.

Investment Portfolio Gala

Time to check if your investment portfolio is dressed to impress. Is it dazzling the crowd, or could it use a touch-up? Assess the stars of your investment show and make strategic moves worthy of a financial red carpet.

Retirement Account Masquerade

Imagine your retirement accounts as the masked heroes of your financial ball. Ensure they’re making a grand entrance by maxing out contributions. It’s not just about securing your future; it’s about looking fabulous while doing it.

Debt Demolition Derby

Attack those high-interest debts like a fearless stunt driver, navigating the twists and turns of financial challenges. Consider consolidating or refinancing for a show-stopping performance in debt management.

Emergency Fund Encore

Give your emergency fund a standing ovation by boosting its reserves. A little extra padding ensures your financial performance doesn’t miss a beat when faced with unexpected plot twists.

Beneficiary Oscars

Your financial beneficiaries are the stars of your financial blockbuster. Update their information with the precision of an awards ceremony envelope reveal to guarantee a flawless distribution of your financial accolades.

HSA Comedy Hour

Think of your Health Savings Account (HSA) as the comedian in your financial ensemble. Maximize contributions for a tax-deductible punchline and laughter in the face of medical expenses.

Insurance Coverage Drama

Assess your insurance coverage with the scrutiny of a seasoned critic. Your financial script may have changed, and it’s time to ensure your coverage still fits the storyline.

Financial Goal Setting Spectacle

As the curtains fall on this fiscal year, raise the curtain on your financial aspirations for the next act. Reflect on your financial achievements, pen down your financial dreams, and prepare for a standing ovation in the upcoming fiscal blockbuster.


Bravo, dear government contractors! As you prepare to take your financial bow for this fiscal year, remember, this isn’t just a curtain call—it’s the start of a grand sequel. By bringing wit, wisdom, and a touch of flair to your year-end financial performance, you’re not just crunching numbers; you’re orchestrating a symphony of fiscal success. Here’s to a standing ovation for your contracting brilliance in the fiscal extravaganza ahead!