In today’s world, nearly every organization faces uncertainty, from cyber threats to market fluctuations to operational disruptions. The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new level of uncertainty, forcing businesses to not only plan for survival but also be competitive in the face of increasing risk. Today’s episode is part of a series on a burgeoning area of work called Risk Advisory.

During this series, we’ll dissect what risk means to businesses and organizations with a team of PBMares experts who will help you turn risk from a foe to a force for growth.

Antonina McAvoy is a partner at PBMares and a co-leader of the firm’s Risk Advisory Services Practice. Nina specializes in cybersecurity, data protection, privacy, and compliance frameworks. During her 14-year career, she has performed numerous cybersecurity reviews, business controls mapping, compliance audits, and readiness assessments for numerous frameworks.