Congressional Tax Reform Bill Full of Changes

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impacts Businesses and Individuals Congressional Republicans have been working on a bill to simplify the tax code and reduce the [...]

2022-03-14T07:09:56-04:00November 3, 2017|Categories: Construction and Real Estate, Small Business, Tax: Business, Tax: Individual|Tags: , |

Trump Tax Reform Plan: How It May Affect You and Your Company

One of the topics talked about all year is how our tax system needs to be greatly improved and just this week, President Trump and [...]

Look-Back Interest on Long-Term Construction Contracts

If you are a construction contractor reporting long-term contracts on the percentage of completion method (§460(b)(1)) you may be required to calculate look-back interest (§460(b)(2)) [...]

Navigating Long-Term Contract Tax Reporting Options

The tax reporting options for long term construction contracts can be perplexing. The rules are complex, sometimes counter-intuitive, and a bad decision or poor advice [...]

2019-02-05T19:02:13-05:00June 7, 2016|Categories: Construction and Real Estate, Tax: Business|Tags: |
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