Keeping Your Estate Plan Current

There is a great scene in the first "Back to the Future" movie in which Michael J. Fox, as Marty McFly, takes over for an injured band member and introduces the tune "Johnny B Goode" to the audience, just a little before it is supposed to show up on the music scene. He tells the rest of the band "This is a blues riff in B, watch me for the changes and try to keep up."

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Which Is Better – Pre-Tax 401(K) or After-Tax Roth Contributions?

Question: My retirement plan allows me to choose between pre-tax 401(k) contributions or after-tax Roth contributions.  Which is better? Answer: Your pre-tax 401(k) withholding is saved in [...]

Six Strategies for Your Tax Playbook

I’m looking forward to tax day. No, I’m not in a time warp.  I do know that April 15th is behind us, and most people [...]

The Sandwich Generation – Taking a Bite out of the Burden

They call us the Sandwich Generation, the middle layer between grown or growing children who depend on us and parents who also depend on us.   Being in this position can sap a family’s resources physically, emotionally, and, of course, financially.

Investment Interest Expenses Deductions Might Not Be Worth Taking

Investment interest, the interest on debt used to buy assets held for investment, such as margin debt used to buy securities, can generally be deducted [...]

New Year’s Resolution: Create a Financial Plan

It seems that every year goes by more quickly than the one before.  And each year we make a few promises to ourselves that for a variety of reasons never come to fruition.  So perhaps we should make a resolution to keep at least one resolution this coming year.

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Kids in College – Don’t Miss These Tax Breaks

Kid in College? Don’t miss out on tax breaks! Parents of college students, and students themselves, may be eligible for some never used before education-related [...]

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