Meet Our 2020 Summer Interns

In spite of the challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PBMares continued its internship program virtually! This summer, we had the pleasure of working with twelve interns across six of our ten office locations and two states. The best and the brightest from eight schools immersed themselves in working with clients while learning about tax, accounting, audit and assurance, and much more. Many thanks to our hard-working interns this year!

PBMares’ Summer Internship provides students a well-rounded program that focuses on learning and development, client service excellence, volunteerism, and relationship building. Interested in an internship with PBMares? We want to hear from you! Contact us today.

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rachel blitt

Rachel Blitt
Accounting Intern  |  Newport News Office
Christopher Newport University

“I was attracted to PBMares because of all the hands on experience. As a previous intern with the firm, I look forward to this summer’s program.”

alonzo clayton accounting finance intern

Alonzo Clayton
Accounting Intern  |  Richmond Office
Old Dominion University

“My interactions as an undergrad with several PBMares’ professionals attracted me to the firm, as well as learning about the program from a 2019 intern.”

kayla cline accounting intern

Kayla Cline
Accounting Intern  |  Rockville Office
Bridgewater College

“I learned about the many opportunities provided to PBMares’ employees to find their niche within the company. The ability to explore the different fields of accounting is valuable to me.”

tyler dunn accounting intern

Tyler Dunn
Accounting Intern  |  Richmond Office
Randolph Macon College

“I wanted to intern for PBMares because it offered me the ability to practice both audit and tax accounting.”

liam harrington accounting intern

Liam Harrington
Accounting Intern  |  Newport News Office
Christopher Newport University

“I want a real world application to accounting in the professional field, and felt that PBMares’ core values fit my mold.”

shiloh houseworth accounting intern

Shiloh Houseworth
Accounting Intern  |  Newport News Office
Christopher Newport University

“My internship with PBMares offered the opportunity to experience both tax and audit specialties within a setting conducive to learning and development.”

john leichling accounting intern

John Leichling
Accounting Intern  |  Baltimore Office
Salisbury University

“I was drawn to PBMares for the firm’s commitment to their customers, dedication to their work, and the company culture.”

cindy ly accounting intern

Cindy Ly
Accounting Intern  |  Fredericksburg Office
University of Mary Washington

“As a PBMares intern, I hope to gain a better understanding of how auditing and taxes work in the real world, as well as how to serve clients.”

jordan secrist accounting intern

Jordan Secrist
Accounting Intern  |  Newport News Office
University of Virginia

“As a returning intern with PBMares, I am drawn to the firm’s culture, the people who make working there so enjoyable, and the opportunity to learn and gain accounting experience.”

jacob selden accounting intern

Jacob Selden
Accounting Intern  |  Richmond Office
Randolph Macon College

“I was attracted to PBMares for the opportunity to practice the skills I have learned in the classroom and gain exposure in the accounting field.”

austin thomasson accounting intern

Austin Thomasson
Accounting Intern  |  Fairfax Office
Christopher Newport University

“I am returning to PBMares after having a great experience interning with the firm last summer.”

katherine willis accounting intern

Katherine Willis
Accounting Intern  |  Fredericksburg Office
Virginia Tech

“PBMares appealed to me due to its commitment to serving the community and its national recognition.”

Read more about PBMares’ Internship Program.

Are you ready to learn about the accounting profession first-hand while gaining real-world experience in tax and audit? PBMares offers interns an unmatched opportunity to learn the skills they’ll need for a successful career in public accounting – and other fields as well. Follow our career page for upcoming internship and job openings.

Meet our interns from 2019!

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