IRS 90-day Pre-examination Compliance Pilot for Retirement Plans

The IRS is piloting a pre-examination compliance program for retirement plans, which provides plan sponsors with 90-day window to review plan operations and make corrections prior to examination.

Service Centers – A Multi-Purpose Management and Allocation Tool

Learn about service centers and cost allocation methods, specifically direct allocation and step allocation, that can help you understand the "true" cost of your products and services so you can price them for a profitable return.

June 21, 2022|Categories: Accounting, Government Contracting|Tags: , |

M&A Tax Considerations for Government Contractors

Tax issues may arise in the GovCon deal space, either in due diligence or structure-related. Here is some insight into the common M&A tax issues and considerations.

June 16, 2022|Categories: Government Contracting, Mergers & Acquisitions|Tags: |

Not-for-Profit Accounting Update: Lease Accounting and Donated Assets (Contributed Nonfinancial Assets)

Many not-for-profits are in the first year of implementing the new lease accounting standard and may need guidance on where to start. Below-market leases or donated space also give rise to another new accounting update to consider.

June 15, 2022|Categories: Accounting, Not-for-Profit|Tags: , |

Tips for Effective Remote Team Management for Government Contractors

Managing a remote team as a government contractor can be difficult if not handled correctly; however, it is possible to make a successful transition from onsite to remote staff. Here are ten tips to get you started.

June 7, 2022|Categories: Government Contracting|Tags: |
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