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What to Do if You Filed an Employee Retention Credit Claim with the IRS

ERC submissions are under scrutiny by the IRS due to a surge in questionable claims. Are you confident your claim meets the eligibility requirements and can stand up to a potential audit?

September 21, 2023|Categories: Tax: Business|Tags: |

How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

To maximize your Social Security benefits, there are decisions and considerations to take into account such as: when to begin collecting, tax implications, spousal benefits, and how social security benefits relate to eligibility for Medicare and disability benefits.

September 18, 2023|Categories: Wealth Management|Tags: , |

Indirect Cost Allocation Best Practices: 6 Simple Questions

As our government clients strategically manage finances to meet the increasingly complex needs of the public, compliance with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requirements is critical.

September 14, 2023|Categories: State and Local Government|Tags: , , |
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