How to Use Tech and AI to Enhance Private Club Membership Appeal for Prospective Members

Private clubs are enhancing their appeal to both current and prospective members by using AI and other emerging technologies. In this article, we’ll begin with the low-hanging fruit and proceed to the more adventurous items as we go.

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The Developing Role of AI and Emerging Tech for Private Clubs

AI and other emerging tech are now driving efficiency for private clubs in countless operational areas and elevating many facets of the overall member experience. Learn more about what is available and the benefits.

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Whitepaper | Private Clubs: 10 Questions for Successful Club Management

Private clubs stay profitable by running an efficient operation and staying on top of complex accounting responsibilities. Here are 10 tips to unlock your organization's potential.

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Latest Edition of Clubs in Town & Country Reveals Club Trends

Download our 2021 benchmarking report which reveals future trends impacting country and city clubs including club revenue, expenses and cybersecurity issues.

The Members Are Back … What About the Employees?

The unemployment rate for leisure and hospitality, 10.1 percent, is nearly twice the national average. However, there are Help Wanted signs everywhere and a bountiful number of job postings. How are private clubs responding to this challenge?

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How Employers Can Comply with the DOL’s New Overtime Rules

After more than four years in the draft proposal stage and federal lawsuits, Congress recently enacted new overtime rules for white-collar workers.

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