By Todd Swisher, CPA

Private clubs are enhancing their appeal to both current and prospective members by using AI and other emerging technologies. In this article, we’ll begin with the low-hanging fruit and proceed to the more adventurous items as we go.

Practical Ways to Use AI & Tech to Enhance the Appeal of Your Private Club

For Prospective Members

  • Produce a high-tech tour of your facility. From drone flyover tours of the golf course to virtual tours of facilities that leverage Google 360, clubs are showcasing their properties with more panache than ever. By moving away from the static images toward more dynamic and modern visuals, clubs hope to engage the next generation of members and event hosts.

For Current Members

  • Deliver a more personalized experience. Because data analytics can work with AI to analyze member behaviors and uncover trending preferences, your club can then consider adding new activities and events that cater to these preferences.
  • Consider adopting “smart” facilities management. Smart lighting, temperature control, and energy management systems all contribute to cultivating a more comfortable and enjoyable environment.
  • Develop a feature-rich member portal. A mobile app can provide easy access to club information, event schedules, reservations, and communication with other members. This way, members stay current and are more likely to take advantage of upcoming events.
  • Establish a more intimate culture where “everybody knows your name.” Tech can gather, sort, and display data for servers so they are intimately aware of each member’s preferences from food and drinks to how many towels they like stored in their locker.

The Higher-Hanging Fruit

Once you’ve picked that low-hanging fruit, it’s time to consider which of the more advanced opportunities will deliver the most impact for your unique set of club members.

When it comes to event planning and communication, AI can do everything from act as a concierge to build a stronger sense of community.

AI as Concierge

By implementing AI-powered virtual concierge services, the club can easily:

  • Disseminate information to members
  • Provide instant assistance
  • Handle routine inquiries
  • Make reservations

A valuable by-product of this intervention is the time that becomes available for your staff to interact with and deliver more valuable service for members.

AI as Event Planner

To optimize how clubs plan future events, those on the cutting edge are using AI algorithms to analyze past event information for member preferences.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

There will always be Topgolf detractors who insist the platform has nothing in common with a “real” round of golf. However, it’s impossible to ignore the growth and widespread appeal of the golf simulator experience.

This technology is becoming more advanced by the day:

  • VR headsets will soon offer an immersive and life-like experience that lets users step onto the world’s most iconic golf courses.
  • This tech will gather valuable data points and instantly uncover actionable insights that will transform the way your members practice and improve their golf skills.

Before long, the new generation of prospective members is likely to inquire about what virtual experiences your club offers.

From Pebble Beach to Augusta National, members can experience playing on legendary tracks from the comfort of your club. Some clubs are opting to make interactive simulation experiences available at events or as a regular amenity.

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