Whitepaper | Cybersecurity Considerations and Trends for Boards and Audit Committees

Boards of directors can strengthen cybersecurity at their organizations by understanding trends and taking action accordingly.

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Cybersecurity and Employee Benefit Plans

Plan sponsors have a fiduciary responsibility to understand cybersecurity risk in an employee benefit plan (EBP). In order to satisfy this responsibility, plan sponsors must understand how EBPs are exposed to cybersecurity risk and design effective controls to mitigate that risk.

2022-10-28T15:47:39-04:00October 28, 2022|Categories: Cybersecurity, Employee Benefit Plans|

HITRUST Certification Just Became More Affordable

HITRUST was once considered by many small and medium-sized businesses to be out of reach due to an exorbitant price tag. But there are new cost-effective options companies can leverage to increase their transparency, integrity, and reliability.

2024-01-25T09:48:33-05:00July 7, 2022|Categories: Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Risk Advisory|Tags: , , |

Shields Up: 3 Proactive Steps to Take Right Now

In a call to action that’s being called “Shields Up,” the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency continues to warn Russia could escalate destabilizing activities that may impact countries well beyond Ukraine. In light of these threats, U.S. businesses of all sizes should take steps immediately to shore up cyber defense.

2024-01-25T09:49:38-05:00May 19, 2022|Categories: Cybersecurity, Risk Advisory|Tags: , |

Webinar: Cyber Resilience in Times of Conflict

Threat actors have been very transparent about focusing their efforts on businesses with fewer resources. Join our panel discussion on Cyber Resilience to better position your organization to handle a cyberattack.

Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative Will Crack Down on Government Contractors

The DOJ's Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative will target government contractors and grant recipients' security procedures in order to limit future cybersecurity problems. In this article, we review what you should know about the new civil cyber-fraud initiative, what might lead to infractions, and how to avoid hefty fines.

2022-05-10T14:06:43-04:00May 10, 2022|Categories: Cybersecurity, Government Contracting|Tags: |

Take 3 Steps Now to Survive a DOL Cybersecurity Audit

Hacking and ransomware have the potential to create havoc for the assets and sensitive data housed in benefit plans across the country. As a result, in 2021, the DOL scaled up its interest in how administrators are addressing and responding to cybersecurity risks.

2024-01-25T09:52:31-05:00March 18, 2022|Categories: Cybersecurity, Employee Benefit Plans, Risk Advisory|Tags: , , |

Federal Contractors on the Hook for Cybersecurity Readiness

In another demonstration of the federal government’s commitment to cybersecurity, the DOJ released details of its Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative. Here’s how contractors can comply.

2022-09-21T09:05:00-04:00December 7, 2021|Categories: Cybersecurity, Government Contracting|Tags: , |
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