Expatriating Americans: Beware the Exit Tax

For a variety of reasons, many Americans living overseas contemplate relinquishing their citizenship. This process has a number of ramifications that warrant serious consideration. This article will focus on the tax impact of renouncing US citizenship — the US Exit Tax.

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How Do I Complete a W-8BEN-E Form? … and What Is It?

If you are reading this article you have likely been tasked to complete the 30 Part, 8 page IRS form filled with mystifying acronyms. We feel your pain. The key takeaway is that you can save on tax and paperwork grief by completing this correctly.

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Selling Overseas: What Triggers a Foreign Tax Filing Requirement?

As selling overseas becomes easier and staff becomes more internationally mobile, understanding foreign tax filing requirements is critical. A good place to begin is by considering the permanent establishment threshold.

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GILTI: An Overview

US citizens and tax residents who have formed — or are considering forming — a corporation in a foreign country may be impacted by global intangible low-taxed income (GILTI). The tax implications and considerations are complex. Understanding GILTI is important for making informed decisions for yourself and your business structure.

Three Tax Considerations for U.S. Companies Paying Independent Contractors Overseas

It’s increasingly common for U.S. companies to do some portion of their business overseas. For those businesses, reporting on foreign transactions for tax purposes can become complicated.  In this blog, we outline several steps to begin managing your tax reporting responsibilities.

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