Firm-Fixed-Price Contracts vs. Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee Contracts

Many government contractors start with firm-fixed-price contracts and do well, but at some point they are lured by the possibility of being awarded a cost-type fixed-fee contract that is too tempting to pass up. 

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Subcontracting Primer – Team Work and Due Diligence Pays Off

FAR 44.101 defines a subcontractor as “Any supplier, distributor, vendor, or firm that furnishes supplies or services to, or for, a prime contractor or another [...]

How to Qualify as a Small Business Government Contractor

So you are considering or have decided that you want to do business with the United States Government.  Why not when the government spends over [...]

Independent Research and Development Cost Allowability

The Department of Defense has issued a final DFARS rule requiring contractors to engage in technical interchanges with the DoD before such costs are generated.  [...]

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Contract Termination for Convenience – A Coming Reality?

Today’s political and budgetary environment will most likely lead to changes in procurement priorities and reduced government spending levels.  These realities, reflected in contract terminations [...]

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Basic Government Cost Accounting Compliance Requirements

Even in today’s economic environment there are many companies, both start-up and established, that are looking to do business with the Federal government and its [...]

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