IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on Donor Advised Funds

The IRS has proposed new regulations for Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), impacting how they are defined and managed. These regulations clarify the roles of donors and donor-advisors, introducing specific criteria for identifying DAFs and broadening the scope of liability for taxable distributions.

2024-02-15T16:33:33-05:00February 16, 2024|Categories: Not-for-Profit|Tags: |

RetirePath Virginia Registration Deadline is February 15, 2024

RetirePath Virginia, an automatic-enrollment, state-facilitated individual retirement account savings program, has a deadline to register of February 15, 2024 for eligible businesses. Businesses that fail to respond may face an annual penalty of up to $200 per eligible employee.

2024-02-12T15:57:01-05:00February 12, 2024|Categories: Employee Benefit Plans|Tags: |

The Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on the Construction Industry

One year after the Inflation Reduction Act passed, there is evidence of an increase in construction investments, job creation in certain sectors, and investments in future clean energy projects.

2024-02-09T10:37:04-05:00February 6, 2024|Categories: Construction and Real Estate|Tags: |

IRS Announces Temporary E-Filing Delay for Forms 990-T and 1120-POL

Learn about the temporary e-filing delay for Forms 990-T and 1120-POL until March 17, 2024 which impacts returns with due dates falling between January 15, 2024, and March 15, 2024.

2024-01-26T14:27:23-05:00January 26, 2024|Categories: Not-for-Profit, Tax: Exempt Organizations|Tags: , |
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