Lean Thinking: Minimizing Waste and Maximizing Value Streams

From eliminating inefficiencies to maximizing customer satisfaction, Lean Thinking drives operational excellence amid evolving market demands. In this article, discover how to minimize waste, enhance value streams, and foster continuous improvement within your organization.

2024-05-24T16:01:57-04:00May 24, 2024|Categories: Consulting|Tags: , |

3 Best Practices for Overcoming Operational Resistance to Change

Operational resistance to change can derail a change initiative before it even begins. In this article, discover how to overcome operational resistance to change and foster continuous improvement within your organization.

2024-05-09T13:34:42-04:00May 9, 2024|Categories: Consulting|Tags: , |

Which Business Challenges Can Process Optimization Solve? 

When inefficiencies are holding your company back, it’s time for process optimization. In this article, discover the five most common business challenges that can be managed through process optimization, like cost reduction, employee engagement, and more.

2024-03-27T08:47:36-04:00March 26, 2024|Categories: Risk Advisory|Tags: , |

5 Signs Your Nonprofit Needs to Update Its Business Processes

Modernizing business processes has never been more crucial for mission-driven organizations. Key indicators let nonprofits know it may be time to upgrade their technology.

2024-01-23T16:07:45-05:00August 16, 2022|Categories: Not-for-Profit, Risk Advisory|Tags: , |

Increasing a Nonprofit’s Impact through Operational Efficiency

Nonprofit organizations often have lean operational budgets. They want to put as much of their resources as possible into fulfilling important missions. But a nonprofit that struggles with its operations will soon find itself with limited mission impact as well.

2024-01-25T12:06:40-05:00July 13, 2022|Categories: Not-for-Profit, Risk Advisory|Tags: , |
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