TITLE: Partner
LOCATION: Rockville

A licensed CPA, Vicki Young has extensive experience in individual and fiduciary income tax, as well as estate tax. Her background allows her to help clients through the many phases of their financial life.

Naturally drawn to working with numbers, Vicki gains satisfaction from putting things in order. Accounting was a good fit for her even at an early age; her high school yearbook stated her goal was to become a CPA.

Vicki understands that her job is really about helping people. She takes great satisfaction in helping clients through the ups and downs of their lives. In her role as advisor, this means being there to help them with their tax issues. But beyond the numbers, Vicki sees her role as one that includes listening to their personal issues as well. This dual approach has gained her the trust and admiration of colleagues and clients alike. She has known many of her clients for over 30 years and it is developing and maintaining these long lasting relationships that she finds so rewarding.

Her commitment to the industry and her clients has not gone unnoticed. MACPA nominated Vicki for a Women to Watch award which celebrates the accomplishments of women in the CPA profession.

Vicki currently serves on the administrative board, finance committee and endowment committee of Damascus United Methodist Church. She also enjoys spending time with her husband of more than 30 years and is the proud mother of two daughters and three cats.




Estate and Trust, Tax: Individual
"I enjoy helping my clients through the ups and downs of their lives; being there to help them with their tax issues, as well as listening to their personal issues."